The four main characters of “Tacheene”. Nanna (The Grandmother), Anthony (The Wolf), Coyote (no corresponding role) and Robin (Little Red Riding Hood).

Solatrus - Rain and Robins

So chances are that this is the finished version of the song.

Isn’t it enticing?

I suggested the title “Of Robins and Red Soil”, lessee if Solatrus likes that. XD

EDIT: The song is called “Rain and Robins” now. :3

So this is gonna be the sound of Tacheene<3

It’s far from being finished yet - I want a more modern element in it as a contrast and Solatrus and I are still trying to figure out how to approach that - but isn’t this beautiful?

A quick, doodelicious thing of Robin to get accustomed to the new nibs and to her design.

I realised that I’ve never drawn her smiling before. Had to rectify that because just look at her smiling being all cutie pie!

The first samples of the Tacheene song arrived!

They sound beautiful! Definitely what I had in mind when I awkwardly tried to describe what I wanted. *w*

I need to experiment with setting them to the storyboard sometime, but I first need to ask Solatrus for permission. x.x

So this looks notably more like the sand paintings the spirits will be based on.

But I’m still not sure how okay this is since I don’t know how much symbolism is used in the paintings, nor what is a symbol of what. :<

I really wish I had someone who knows more about the Navajo culture to talk to…

Wow, I should do so many other things but can’t stop drawing.

A first draft how how the coyote could look.

Quick doodle of the gist of the spirit design.

From afar, we’d have this cute pokerfacing colorful spirit. And then when coming close, it would lose it’s colours and turn into the… other thing.

Look at these cuties ouo

After many futile attempts, listening to Marina and the Diamonds “Oh No” finally helped me getting them down right.

This song just matches them so well. Both of them! The first verse for Wolf, the second one for Robin. X3

Yeah. I really like this one.