Some doodles I did. I’m gonna finish up Icarus-Theo for sure (for a Pharos event) and savior Theo maybe. Marcus will probably have to deal with staying a sketch for now.

I slapped colors on the first picture to figure out a good composition.

I’ve got trouble deciding which one I like more… help me choose?

This is based on a headcanon I have about Myriad and mya-the-butt-touch-octopus es Captain. Namely that they met when Cap went overboard for some reason (probably a fight with Sharkie) and Myriad discovered her and got her out of the water. All really Little Mermaid style because CUTE.

I like the idea that when Cap first saw Myri, she was illuminated from the sun behind.

The commission I did for the lads of Mare & Ralle Entertainment! This was really fun to do. ^u^

They plan on publishing speedpaint videos of this commission as well, so stay tuned for that.

This happens like every day recently and it’s so annoying…

Especially because one doesn’t keep getting cute and nice messages if one doesn’t answer any. ono

I hate how this lack of drive ends up isolating me from the people and things that make me happy and healthy.
And I want you all to know that I see and love you. Part of why I don’t answer is that I don’t like half-assing communication with people I like. I really dislike talking to people in a rushed and superficial way, I really dislike not being able to listen attentively, and I rather stay silent for a while than… well, defaulting to small talk.
I do it for a few people because I want to be close to them no matter what, and I do have the energy for maybe one or two meaningful interactions at a time. Today and yesterday, I spent that on commission work.

But the result is that I come across as if I don’t want to communicate or stay in touch. I do. I just can’t - or only could at the expense of important things like making sure that I eat and drink, sleep enough and ensure my financial security.

I just hope there will be better times again. Until then, I need to take even replying to messages one thing at a time, if at all.

So the other day, two clients of mine uploaded a small video on their old Youtube channel - just a small announcement that they had moved and where.

But this video made me incredibly happy because I saw that for both their old and new channel, they are still using the pictures they commissioned from me!

This has been a huge motivation and mood boost to me!

Okay, now I’mma go back to working on the current commission I do - also for a pair of Let’s Players. Here’s to hoping that they’ll be happy with my work for just as long as the clients above. <3

o,o bei deiner zeichnung äh ich glaub du nanntest ihn was mit theo, hast du was vergessen zu zeichnen ... da in der mitte .. hehe -^,^-

Pfffft, hab ich nicht vergessen. Da kommt später Kleidung drüber, daher hab ich mir nicht die Mühe gemacht, es voll auszuführen. X3

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For those of you who understand German, here’s a coloring tutorial. uvu

He’s gonna get clothing still so enjoy the theobod while it lasts. ;D

Another art quickie for Pharos Academy because these three are just too adorable!

Featuring fellow students Cloris and October.