For an art trade with parzifalsjudgment, because he had OCT feels and I am his friend. Which of course means that I must make them unbearably much worse.

The characters are called Sety and Gareth.


I promised demonica-kind a reference pic for Siael. Here it is~.

Of course the Gif has a less perfect quality than all the stuff I created as source-material. Pat, you’ll get a folder with all of that stuff from me soon. But I really wanted to upload the animated version first. uvu

I hope you like it.

"As the daughter and assistant of The Primordial Judge I know my laws, and there totally is one you’re breaking with that frowny face. So face your punishment, evildoer! Mwah~!"



I hope you like it, rileyomalley!

"So you’re the one who keeps sneaking into my Realm."

I’ve been working on a fairly complicated reference pic all day and needed a break.

And by break I apparently mean “slightly less complicated other art”.

What Blue said a while ago about Blu noticing that someone messes around in his realm and would like to meet them kinda mixed with Godmode The Anime and this happened.

If this scene were to continue, it would be with a loud squeak and shattering from Myriad before she’d swirl away at top speed, probably bursting through a dimension wall and hiding among Xrokt’s beanie babies.

Blu belongs to morrowsofblue

And I’m streaming again~


Stream’s located here~

I’m working on a picture for Godmode AU, so I’m tagging this post as such.
I’m happy about company, so yeah! ouo

And the stream is offline~. :3

Thank you to everyone who came!

And I’m streaming again~

Stream’s located here~

I’m working on a picture for Godmode AU, so I’m tagging this post as such.
I’m happy about company, so yeah! ouo

Aaaaaah, I have been wanting to draw this form of Myriad for a while, but never quite felt that I had the time, patience, drive, energy or physical fitness for it.

But now I sat on a train and had good coffee before I did and suddenly it was flowing. <3

Myriad’s ultimate and most divine form. In this form, she looks like a sculpture made from shards of stained glass, with her body turning into a wide gown instead of her usual short dress. If one were to look at her from below, she would look hollow and a bit translucent. Her legs and lower body are just… gone, replaced by the dress.

Viewed from any other angle though, she seems illuminated by an inner light source.

Being in this form greatly enhances her powers, to the point where she needs to take care to keep them under control. The “halo” behind her head is a testament to that - it’s actually cracks in the fabric of spacetime she causes without even consciously wanting to. She also keeps them from extending further, but that’s something she needs to focus on - so careful with averting her attention from it!

That shadow on her dress is a koi that seems to swim around on her inside (it’s not visible from below her though), never more visible than as a silhouette under her surface.

If you wonder what a koi is doing in/on Myriad, maybe you should ask the God with kois both in his name and on his skin

This is also still in the works. Blargh.

I’m having trouble focusing on stuff for long enough to actually finish it up, because sick.

Still, have a WIP of an AU Coffee who learns to use bow and arrow from Tybalt’s brother.

Trying my hands on fake screenshots.

What do you think? With or without lines?