Warmup doodles because I seriously gotta start working on Page 7…

These are actually poses I found in the Senshistock Sailor Staff Weapon Pack 2, but the second pose ended up making Coffee look like she was posing for a photo making a duckface and I think it’s hilarious so I kept it.

See, shit like this is why I rarely actually do warmup doodles before working on stuff. This was supposed to be one. Just an innocent little warmup doodle of another contestant in the BSOCT.

And then it was 2 AM and I had a polished-ish illustration in front of me.

The character is Sailor Ananke, who I took and immediate liking to due to her powers, design and concept. Cutie pie!

Doodle dump!

Most of these are made by me, but the pretty lad in the upper right has been drawn by drugtripglasses! :3

On The long-haired man’s name is Sander and he’s a witcher. The one with the short smooth hair who’s bedazzled everywhere is Melvin, who I love more and more each time I doodle him. I now added gem-freckles to his design. GEM-FRECKLES! <3333

Also a random attempt to draw another mutezik from memory and a grumpy iscariot!Theo. He’s probably grumpy because Melvin’s getting on his nerves. Or because Sander keeps playing with dangerous cosmic powers. Take your pick.

Btw, Melvin has a surname now. Ædelsten, which means “precious stone” or “gemstone” because I’m lame and Melvin’s totally lame enough for this, too,

… gem freckles tho~.

BSOCT - Audition P06 by Broeckchen

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In which everyone starts shipping Kitivillains x Coffee and Roamer cries forever about not having been present.

Everyone being me, myself and I.


Darren and Simon (WHO IS HARD TO DRAW GDI) belong to jestershark
The Anomaly belongs to parzifalsjudgment
Coffee is mine.

I felt like participating in an adoptable contest. The species is called Muteziks, and every member of it is based on a song. For mine, I chose my beloved “Schwarz zu Blau” by Peter Fox.

More info on the species, contest and this individual as well as a translation of the song’s lyrics can be found on the deviantArt page of this piece.

BSOCT - Audition P03 by Broeckchen

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Darren and Simon still belong to jestershark
The Anomaly to parzifalsjudgment
And Coffee is still mine
While Neo Queen Serenity belongs to Naoko Takeuchi

This page made me really happy because Queen Serenity came out so well. I picked up drawing in the first place because I saw the Sailor Moon anime and comics (based on the anime, I only discovered the manga much later) and wanted to create fanart for this franchise soooo badly! Now I’m all grown up and look at me, drawing pretty Queen Serenities because I CAN~!

Sneak peeky stuff at some upcoming pages because yeah.

BSOCT - Audition P02 by Broeckchen

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I’m doing these out of order, so expect sporadic updates at first and then occasions where I upload two or maybe even more pages all at once.


Darren and Simon still belong to jestershark
Coffee is still mine
And The Anomaly belongs to parzifalsjudgment