I never uploaded this and have no idea why because it’s precious as frick.

parzifalsjudgment's Tybalt and my Coffee starring in adorable Espresso shipping.

Homemode? Godstuck?

I don’t really have any excuse for this.

Sharkie belongs to sharkielle
Krystal belongs to hoples
Oathbreaker belongs to skelefolk
And Myriad is mine.

Yay, I finished at least one of my WIPs! ouo

I’m still Homestuck trash, and not even ashamed of it. So here’s a Condesce for your viewing pleasure, with a photobombing Lord English in the background.

Just a casual piece of fan art to have fun with. Which is why I didn’t make it as polished as I’d usually try to, the shading is a bit slapped on. But I like it anyway!

I also made a speedpaint video of this, yay!

*exasperated sigh*


BSOCT - Audition P10 by Broeckchen

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So I really, really love this page. What a lovely note to end on, huh? I’m just really proud of it.

And with this, my audition comes to a close. BSOCT still accepts new participants until October 1st, so maybe consider joining?

Now on to even more OCT work! *cracks knuckles* òuo But for other projects, hehe.

This is also the last appearance of jestershark's Darren and Simon for a while. Buhbye, boys! I'm gonna miss ya.

But parzifalsjudgment's The Anomaly will stick around. I mean look how tight he holds her, it doesn't look like he'd enjoy letting go anytime soon, eh?

Let’s hope that I can soon entertain you guys with a Round One comic.

BSOCT - Audition P07 by Broeckchen

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I’ve lost a lot of momentum due to the computer outage…

The result is that it was hard to keep working on it, and I feel that there is a visible drop in quality. I am still invested in it, but I just feel so drained all the time…

Still, I did it. Page 7 done, panels on pages 8-10 are done, too. Now on to at least sketching everything out…

Darren and Simon are still jestersharks babies.

Pharos Academy - Theophrastus Veisz by Broeckchen

My computer recently was broken for like a week, setting me back in most of my projects. Fortunately, I happened to already have had this one nearly finished. Theo - as fan character for the RWBY universe to participate in the Pharos Academy group. It’s a more casual thing than OCTs. uvu

You can find his full profile if you click through.

Warmup doodles because I seriously gotta start working on Page 7…

These are actually poses I found in the Senshistock Sailor Staff Weapon Pack 2, but the second pose ended up making Coffee look like she was posing for a photo making a duckface and I think it’s hilarious so I kept it.